🤫 Shhhhh… The Secret Book Club That Helps You Unlock Your Potential!
This is not your average book club.
This is a way for us to connect deeper with ourselves and others by taking the words we read in the book and begin applying them to our everyday life for optimal work-life balance.
In the book club you will learn how to:
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A 4-week book club starting March 18th
Includes 4 sessions of live discussions and coaching over zoom (recordings available if you can't attend live)
Only $10 to join! (includes ebook version of Unlock Your Potential at Work)
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The book club meets weekly at 11am CST
Chapters 1&2: March 18th- 11am CST/9am PST
Chapters 3&4: March 25th- 11am CST/9am PST
Chapters 5&6: April 1st- 11am CST/9am PST
Chapters 7&8: April 8th- 11am CST/9am PST


• Enneagram Q&A with Hillarie

• Networking with other like-minded professionals

I love helping people like you reduce overwhelm, avoid burnout, improve communication and build sustainable work/life balance.“
Hillarie Kay
Author & Burnout Coach
Here is what people are saying
“Hillarie Kay’s Unlock Your Potential at Work is an indispensable guide for beginners who want to quickly apply Enneagram insights to improve their professional lives. Practical and user-friendly, Unlock Your Potential at Work is loaded with Enneagram basics and tips you can use right away. The book reinforces the truth that self-awareness is a key factor in career success and gives new meaning to the marketing phrase “know, like and trust.” If you want to learn more about yourself and those around you, this book will be a great investment in your success.”
Adrienne Sanders Kaye
Enneagram Communications Specialist
This book is a game changer!
Chapter 6 on leadership is my favorite. Have you ever had a boss you just couldn't connect with or figure out what they expected of you? This chapter really helped me see how to better communicate with my leaders and be a better leader myself.
Sarah Kellogg
Registered Nurse & Oola Ambassador
About The Author
Hillarie Kay is an Enneagram Coach, Speaker and Trainer. From business owners and startups to corporations and nonprofits, she helps her clients build sustainable business strategies using the Enneagram to reduce overwhelm, avoid burnout, and increase the quality of both internal and external communication.
When she’s not coaching or training on the Enneagram, she spends time with her husband, two sons and three step-sons, splitting her time between Southeast Missouri and the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina. She’s obsessed with the 60s and you can often find her thrifting at antique shops and browsing record stores.
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